Favourite Trail ‘Strava Segments’ in Yellowknife, NT and surrounding area

Segment hunters - enjoy these juicy tidbits 🙂


Winter Running

Once you have the gear you THINK you need, testing becomes important. This can be frustrating, because it's almost like you are learning to run again, but it's worth doing.

5BX – Free physical fitness guide

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Who’s Running Next? Review of the 2018 Klondike Road Relay – my first relay race.

I was bonked. My pace crawled down to about 6:45/km. I kept trying to force my legs to stretch out more, to go faster, but they wouldn’t. I wasn’t out of breath, I just didn’t have any strength to call on. I’ve felt this before, at the END of a run.

What I learned from Coach Emily Setlack

Results of my training with Emily Setlack